Hope and Strength On Loan

Squinternet has been in the hospital trying to resolve her anemia issues so she can begin treatment. Unfortunately, she has developed some issues with her liver, though it is not known whether that is from her medication and reversible or from the advancing of her cancer. At the moment though, she is in ICU and the outlook is very grim.

While I don’t personally believe in the power of prayer, Squinternet does. I am sure many of you do, too. I do believe in the power of love and have observed how much the love and support of the community has lifted her spirits and energized her body. Your support has lent her hope and strength and that is what she needs right now.

Anyway, at the moment the news is not good. But, Squint is a fighter and she wants very much to live, so I will hang my hopes on that – and the miracles of love.

Thank You!

Love Donna Flora has closed. It closed on Sunday at midnight. Unfortunately, I was unable to give you an update and final totals as my computer hard drive crashed late Thursday night, coincidentally when I was trying to do a report.  Oh well! I have my computer back now and have up to date totals that include the amazing contribution from the Basilique Performing Arts Company of $L67,428 from their Sunday performance of Romeo and Juliet. They not only contributed a large sum, they also contributed the best pun of the entire event.   Anyway, to finalize the report. an additional $L363,590 was transferred to Squint about 15 minutes ago. This brings the total raised by the Love Donna Flora event to $L2,947,473. An additional $L131,360 lindens were donated directly to Squinternet in a porcelain jar at her store and a total of $1,074 was donated directly via PayPal. All in all, $12,619.45 was raised to support her nursing, treatment and her struggle to live with bone cancer.

Can I take a moment to just say how incredibly generous, full-hearted spirit of the Second Life community is? I am in awe and very grateful for the way people raised their hands to help make this a success.  I am kind of in love with Second Life on a completely new level.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 7.41.57 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 7.48.41 PM

Donna you wanna give some more? It’s Flora good cause!


The Big Check.

The headline you see above is the result of some pretty serious brainstorming earlier… I was pretty stuck. Harvey, however, seemed to have no trouble whatsoever dishing out one cheesy headline after another. He really might want to consider changing jobs…

We couldn’t be more happy with the tremendous outpouring of generosity we experienced at yesterday’s performance of Romeo + Juliet. Thank you to all who attended and gave so generously. Through your kindness, our performers raised L$22,476, in tips, which Harvey and I each matched to bring the total contribution to $L67,428, which we donated to the Love Donna Flora cause earlier today.

Harvey and I would like to thank all the cast and crew of Basilique Performing Arts Company A – Harvey, Amethyst, Belice, Cloe and Juliet, who were more than happy to give their hard-earned tips from the enthusiastic crowd.

Performing in front of a crowd, and getting a good reaction, is always a pleasure, but when we can help out a fantastic cause in even a small way, it makes it that much more rewarding. So rewarding in fact, that we’ve decided to keep our eyes open for other fundraising events that we can lend a hand to. We’d love to hear about good causes that we could help.

Read more about Romeo + Juliet in Second life.

Just look around and see the love

After reading what has been said here already, what more is there to say about you, miss Squinternet Larnia?

Love Donna Flora2
I first stumbled upon Donna Flora in my freebie blogger days (you had a table out with several free/discounted items). I remember looking back in the store (filled from top to bottom with gorgeous jewelry) and wishing I could buy it all. And here I am now, in less than happy circumstances and with quite a collection of your designs in my inventory, trying to write up a nice post for you.

Love Donna Flora3
I don’t actualy know you, Squinternet, and reading all the nice things about you that makes me sad. I hope that, despite what you are going through, you are reading this with a smile. And that all the support you are getting gives you strength. You may not have noticed it, but like a river washing over a pebble*, you have touched my (s)life (and that of many others) with your gorgeous designs and graceful presence.

Stay strong and keep flowing ♥

I can only think it must be love3

* Metaphor from a dutch song.

Romeo + Juliet: Plays Today at 12 Noon SLT in #SecondLife for Love Donna Flora

Romeo + Juliet FINAL POSTER

Just a very quick message to let you know that a very special benefit performance of Romeo + Juliet will be showing at 12 NOON SLT at the Basilique Playhouse today (Sunday, August 11, 2013).

Harvey Crabsticks and I will be donating all of our tips from this performance to the Love Donna Flora cause. Furthermore, we will personally be matching any tips the performers receive on the Sunday, August 11th performance of Romeo + Juliet.

Join us! And, if you can’t make it today, here is more information about performance dates and the play.

Love Donna Flora

Romeo + Juliet loves Donna Flora

Wonderful way to see an amazing play AND help Donna Flora at the same time! Thank you Canary Beck for your Thoughtfulness!

Canary Beck

Donna Flora Shot_blogedit

After being hopelessly outbid by all and sundry on Caoimhe Lionheart‘s auction for 3 hours of her time that she is donating to Love Donna Flora (that I was going to use for styling advice). I shot down to the benefit sim to see what I could muster on my own steam. There are loads of gems down there and there are still a few days to not only pick up some great pieces, but also give to a worthwhile cause.

For those of you who might have lived under a rock since July 25th, Love Donna Flora is a personal fundraiser for raising money to finance alternative therapies and home nursing care for Squinternet Larnia, the creator behind Donna Flora who has been living with advanced stage breast cancer.

Cajsa Lilliehook wrote a touching piece in AVENUE Magazine chronicling Larnia’s story, from hearing the life-changing news, ceasing her work in Second…

View original post 280 more words

Romeo + Juliet Loves Donna Flora

Donna Flora Shot_blogedit

After being hopelessly outbid by all and sundry on Caoimhe Lionheart‘s auction for 3 hours of her time  that she is donating to Love Donna Flora (that I was going to use for styling advice), I shot down to the benefit sim to see what I could muster on my own steam. There are loads of gems down there and there are still a few days to not only pick up some great pieces, but also give to a worthwhile cause.

I picked up a few things today at the benefit sim, including this Vero Modero Wild Dress that I’m wearing above and below. As I was trying it on, surrounded by all of this selfless generosity, I got to thinking: what could I do to help beyond buying a few things here and there? After briefly chatting things over with Cao, it occurred to me that we could be doing something with Romeo + Juliet to help the cause.

So, to help cap off the end of Love Donna Flora this Sunday, August 11th, I’ll be donating all proceeds from this Sunday’s performance of Romeo + Juliet, and matching all tips received by all performers over that performance. I’ve spoken to the other performers, and the ones I’ve heard back from have agreed to also donate their tips.

So, come and watch us do our bit for Squinternet Larnia, this Sunday at noon SLT, August 11th at the Basilique Playhouse. Entry is free, but don’t forget to bring your purses and pockets, as we put a little extra Linden love into the greatest love story ever written. I hope you’ll join us!

Click here for everything you might ever want to know about our Second Life performance of Romeo + Juliet.

Donna Flora Close up Blogedit


Dance Event to raise awareness of Donna Flora

USO Night @ The Cellar Jazz Club Wed 8/7/13, 7-9 pm SLT DJ Irish Karillion & Dance Leader Storm Munforth

Tonight we are bringing awareness about a designer in Second Life, Donna Flora. Besides being an amazing vintage clothing designer, she is an amazing fighter in RL. Right now she is in a fight for her life. She has breast cancer that has spread to her bones. She has outlived the doctor’s predictions by two years.

Let’s lend a hand. Donate, go to her store and purchase some wonderful clothing. It all goes to help get Donna get in-home nursing care. A little from many will be a lot to her.

USO Nights at The Cellar Jazz Club! Music provided by DJ Irish Karillion. Dances led by Funky Feats DL Stormy Munforth.  We’ll lend to the realism by having participants costume in WWII-era allied military uniforms or 40s-era costumes.  Please join us at 7PM SLT for a great FUN way to spend an evening!!


Letters of Love

When we think of love, we tend to think of those that touched our lives, our family, our friends, our lovers. It may seem easy to overlook the love and care of our community, that of strangers. But it’s there and at times that care and love can mean the world.

Love Donna Flora is not solely about the raising of money, it’s also about the sharing of love and hope. It’s seeing the hardships and struggles of a truly strong woman and letting her know that we care.

It can be hard to find the right words and hard to find the time to try and think of what to say. I ask that you find the time, to send a message, even if it’s small. The impact of just one word to the heart can be so big.

Love to you all

❤ Ooka

love blog 3

Bitacora Land

LDF Music Event – Thank you!

Love Donna Flora Music Event Invite

Very well, yesterday Donna Flora Love Music Event was a resounding success. The people responded as expected to hammering through Secondlife advertising groups and word of mouth.
But this has not been a successful organization’s who among other things has done very little, but the team of people who attended and who made all this possible.
Obviously I have no words to thank all those who directly or indirectly participated, donated and made ​​the event a great event.
The main objective was to raise funds to help Squinternet Larnia, something moved in the right direction, we have obtained funds for a total of L$ 27.040 promptly turned over to the account of Squinternet managed by Cajsa.
What have we done, involve experienced DJs and one of the best hosts of Secondlife in a funny musical show to entice people to help Squinternet. We succeeded.
We had an average of 60 people at the same time, quite high, in fact the lag measured the success of participation. But there is no success without lag!

Legal and thanks:

Nathan and Maluy
Seashell and Varela
Mass and Droxene
Annyia and Ravie
Dom and Spunkz
Pixie and Cecynena

Chevia that has attempted to find a suitable place for the event, which place could have been better than Zenzibar?
ZZole Zee CEO Zenshi who offered to make available Zenzibar club.
PetraLAlexander, manager of the club for the patience you had with me.
Cajsa who believed in the event and made ​​available the blog and the group of Love Donna Flora.
A special thanks to Irina Easterling, my beloved wife sl and rl, without which nothing would have happened.
Of course, a million thanks to all those friends, acquaintances and not who participated and made ​​the event possible.

For one day we were all Squinternet Larnia, long life and health to Squinternet!

Last hour set

Last hour set

Last hour set

Last hour set

End of Event

End of Event