Transparency is important to me. I want people to know how this event is organized, why decisions are made the way they are and who is responsible. In the end, if something goes wrong, it is my responsibility. I am Cajsa Lilliehook and some of you may know me from my blog and many of you will not have a clue who I am and have no reason to trust me any more than the guy at the corner bus stop. That is why this page is here. Feel free to ask questions. I hope to answer them to your satisfaction.

Planning: I have not done an event in Second Life before. I have not even helped with an event. However, I have done more than a few in RL and hope those skills transfer. More importantly, I am going to seek advice from all sorts of people who run successful events and listen to them. Already people have persuaded me that some of my original plans were not very good. I bow to their expertise and experience.

Finances: I have created an alt named LoveDonnaFlora for this event. All donations will go to his alt so nothing is commingled with her store sales. I will make  transfers from the alt to Squinternet Larnia and provide screenshots on the Reports page. Transfers will be weekly, if not daily. While she is seeking alternative therapy and hoping for a second remission, it is possible that she could die before the event is over. She has requested that any remaining monies be donated to Relay For Life.  That, too, would be documented, but let’s be hopeful that does not happen.

Expenses: I am hoping there will be none. The sim has been donated. The scripts have been donated. People are volunteering left and right and in-between. However, if there are expenses, either I or folks I can talk into it will cover them so none of the expenses are deducted from the fundraising event.

Donation Splits: Nearly everyone had an opinion on this topic from those who believe every item should be 100% and that would attract more exclusive items to those who believe more people can participate if they donate 50% or 75% on any items in addition to one 100% item and folks who think the best is all items at a mixed percentage. I have no idea the best option and asked for an open debate and vote on the topic. The results were conclusive with 102 votes in favor of one 100% item and the rest 50 or 75%, 35 in favor of people choosing 50,75 or 100% and 12 in favor of 100% only. The goal was to come to a democratic decision, openly and with fair and frank discussion. Since some people have deeply felt opinions on both sides, consensus is not possible, but I hope that the process will allow everyone to support the process. What does support mean when you disagree with the result? It means accepting the process and agreeing to disagree. It does not obligate anyone to participate, but merely to not disparage the decision or the motives of those who voted for it.

Charity: This is not a true charity. No one will be able to claim this on their taxes as the money goes to an individual for her health expenses. I realize that many people do not support personal fundraising events like these, preferring to give their support to charity. That is great and no one should feel obligated to support this event. But please, do let those of us who love Squinternet show our love and support in the ways we know how. Also, there are non-financial ways you can show your support for Squinternet such as posting a message on the Message page or a picture in the Flickr blog. I think those expressions of friendship and concern will be very important for Squinternet in keeping her spirits up.

Direct Giving; I also know many people prefer to give directly and they can send contributions to her directly though Paypal.

Make a Donation

Trust: It is understandable that some people require proof that Squinternet has cancer. Sadly, people have lied about their health before. Below are scans from her doctor to verify her illness. You can click for a larger image and you can IM Cajsa Lilliehook in-world if you have any other questions. I have the full pdf files available if needed.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 12.23.04 PMscreen-shot-2013-07-02-at-12-25-10-pm


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