Just look around and see the love

After reading what has been said here already, what more is there to say about you, miss Squinternet Larnia?

Love Donna Flora2
I first stumbled upon Donna Flora in my freebie blogger days (you had a table out with several free/discounted items). I remember looking back in the store (filled from top to bottom with gorgeous jewelry) and wishing I could buy it all. And here I am now, in less than happy circumstances and with quite a collection of your designs in my inventory, trying to write up a nice post for you.

Love Donna Flora3
I don’t actualy know you, Squinternet, and reading all the nice things about you that makes me sad. I hope that, despite what you are going through, you are reading this with a smile. And that all the support you are getting gives you strength. You may not have noticed it, but like a river washing over a pebble*, you have touched my (s)life (and that of many others) with your gorgeous designs and graceful presence.

Stay strong and keep flowing ♥

I can only think it must be love3

* Metaphor from a dutch song.


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