Final Event Report

Squinternet was strong in her insistence that the funds raised by the Love Donna Flora event go to Relay For Life if she did not live to spend them on her treatment and home health care. When she went back in the hospital in August, Squint transferred the Love Donna Flora funds that she had not transferred to her bank back to the Love Donna Flora avatar just in case – hoping and expecting to come back from the hospital, but prepared for the worst.

With her death, I arranged for the donation to the Relay For Life event in-world of the total of $L1,530,106 which is about $5737.70 in USD$.

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 5.31.39 PM

ACS SL donation transaction re Squinternet Larnia

And even a screenshot of the LoveDonnaFlora avatar making the donation at the American Cancer Society Memorial Garden.

Squinternet Larnia ACS SL Memorial donation

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