This will be a page to update the community on what decisions have been made, how much has been raised and so on.  I will try to do a report once a week or so during the event.

Love Donna Flora Committee
Many Hands Make Light Work

Absinthe Montenegro – Ad
Anya Ohmai – Donation Box
Cajsa Lilliehook – Organizer
Chablis Kinsella – Sim Donor
Duncan Bradders – Music Event Coordinator
Felicity Blumenthal – Sim Design & Build
Filomena Quinell – Outreach
Gidge Uriza – Blog Manager
Hart Larsson – Scripts and Helping Squint
Katya Valeska – Blogger Recruitment & Management
Melusina Parkin – Outreach
Milan Mode – Outreach
OMGWTF Barbecue – Logo
Samara Barzane – Flickr Administration
Tania Tebaldi – Outreach
Tyler Barineau – Outreach
Vixen Thibedeau – Event Catalog

and lots of great advice from event mavens Sasy Scarborough, Sophia Harlow, Keira Seerose & Tya Fallingbridge
as well as more advice and suggestions from
PLURKERS (you know who you are!)

as well as the amazing designers who make it possible
and the bloggers who tell you about it.


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