The Memorial Garden

At the Memorial for Squinternet

There is a memorial garden on the sim underneath the Donna Flora store. It will remain at least through the end of September for people to gather to remember Squinternet. All who loved her are welcome to organize their own gatherings of friends or to hold memorial services for her. The big tree in the foreground is a gift for anyone who wants to take it and plant it at their place in her memory.

You reach the garden by going to her main store on Florencio and taking the TP in the lobby down to the ground.

The build was graciously and beautifully done by Saiyge Lotus who even made a lovely semi-secret path through the woods behind the big alcoves of candles.

If you want to host a memorial and need something special like changing the music stream, contact Cajsa Lilliehook by IM.

Lay Some Flowers


Photo by Zmilla Rehula

You can go to the American Cancer Society’s memorial for Squinternet Larnia, place a plaque in her remembrance or lay some flowers or light a candle. Her picture is in the Memorial Garden with the many other residents who have come to the end of their road through the cancer maze. Gidge and others are making some additional plans for a memorial on her sim and when that is firmed up, I am sure she will let you all know.

What a Wonderful World

In April, when Squinternet (Giulia) learned that her remission was waning, she uploaded a bunch of videos of her singing. When I heard them, I discovered another talent in this woman who was so blessed with talent already. It seemed, to me, though, that she wanted to share another part of herself, on the internet where this bit of her could be preserved forever, launched out into the universe to always say Giulia lived and she was wonderful and do not forget it.

She died this morning. She wanted to live and was pretty stubborn. But cancer is inexorable and stubborn, too. I cannot say she “lost the battle” because she never wavered in her passion for life. There was no weakness of will that let cancer “win”. I hate that phrase because the only struggle people with a terminal cancer have is the struggle to live as well as they can and she won that struggle.

She did live well in the ways that matter with so many friends that showed their love for her before her death. That’s the wonderful thing. She was a wonderful woman, full of love, laughter, generosity, kindness and fun. To me, that’s a winner.

I am sure folks will want to hold some memorial in-world. I can’t wrap my head around that at the moment.

Hope and Strength On Loan

Squinternet has been in the hospital trying to resolve her anemia issues so she can begin treatment. Unfortunately, she has developed some issues with her liver, though it is not known whether that is from her medication and reversible or from the advancing of her cancer. At the moment though, she is in ICU and the outlook is very grim.

While I don’t personally believe in the power of prayer, Squinternet does. I am sure many of you do, too. I do believe in the power of love and have observed how much the love and support of the community has lifted her spirits and energized her body. Your support has lent her hope and strength and that is what she needs right now.

Anyway, at the moment the news is not good. But, Squint is a fighter and she wants very much to live, so I will hang my hopes on that – and the miracles of love.

Thank You!

Love Donna Flora has closed. It closed on Sunday at midnight. Unfortunately, I was unable to give you an update and final totals as my computer hard drive crashed late Thursday night, coincidentally when I was trying to do a report.  Oh well! I have my computer back now and have up to date totals that include the amazing contribution from the Basilique Performing Arts Company of $L67,428 from their Sunday performance of Romeo and Juliet. They not only contributed a large sum, they also contributed the best pun of the entire event.   Anyway, to finalize the report. an additional $L363,590 was transferred to Squint about 15 minutes ago. This brings the total raised by the Love Donna Flora event to $L2,947,473. An additional $L131,360 lindens were donated directly to Squinternet in a porcelain jar at her store and a total of $1,074 was donated directly via PayPal. All in all, $12,619.45 was raised to support her nursing, treatment and her struggle to live with bone cancer.

Can I take a moment to just say how incredibly generous, full-hearted spirit of the Second Life community is? I am in awe and very grateful for the way people raised their hands to help make this a success.  I am kind of in love with Second Life on a completely new level.

Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 7.41.57 PM Screen Shot 2013-08-14 at 7.48.41 PM

Three Musketeers


So in the wee hours of the morning (wee in SL time) or mid-morning in Italy, Squinternet, Monical Outlander and Hart Larsson took a tour of the Love Donna Flora event. Hart sent this photo of the Three Musketeers on their walk. As you can see, all three have dutifully removed their huds to reduce their scripts!


Jewel’s Joy

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 8.32.42 AM


One of the joys of working on the Love Donna Flora event is seeing the spontaneous and independent efforts of other people. Here’s a wonderful example that just came up while I was looking for new blog posts to add to the media page.  Jewel’s Joy is an interactive photographic installation highlighting Squinternet Larnia’s fabulous jewelry. Visitors to the exhibition can contribute their own photos wearing Donna Flora jewels and their photos will cycle through the boxes in a continuously transforming exhibition of her work.  For more info, see the Second Life page here.