Memories and Stories

Storytelling is part of the grieving process. The stories we tell keep our loved ones alive in our hearts. I am adding this page for people to share their Squinternet stories. I will start to get the ball rolling.

How I got to be friends with Squinternet is really kind of a funny story. It is all due to a little scar on my cornea. I had her on my contact list from blogging her items. I had talked to her in her store a few times and she offered friendship. Not terribly long after that I was at The Velvet and my friend Maht was doing a great set. I wanted to invite one of my friends to come and sent an invite with a slurl in IM. Much to my surprise, the person who showed up was Squint. Thanks to the scar on my cornea, i frequently will select a line below the line I think I am selecting. That line underneath just happened to be Squint. She stayed for the music, danced and we chatted. I didn’t confess that I had not really planned to invite her. How rude would that have been? But I was amazed that she came. I mentioned that I was surprised and she said people didn’t invite her enough, that she liked to do things. So after that, when I would find a pretty sim or a cool art exhibit or some fun activity, I would let her know and nine times out of ten she would come. She even was a guest stylist on my blog. And that’s how we got to know each other and become friends, because I clicked on the wrong line.

What stories and adventures do you have to share?


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