Donna you wanna give some more? It’s Flora good cause!


The Big Check.

The headline you see above is the result of some pretty serious brainstorming earlier… I was pretty stuck. Harvey, however, seemed to have no trouble whatsoever dishing out one cheesy headline after another. He really might want to consider changing jobs…

We couldn’t be more happy with the tremendous outpouring of generosity we experienced at yesterday’s performance of Romeo + Juliet. Thank you to all who attended and gave so generously. Through your kindness, our performers raised L$22,476, in tips, which Harvey and I each matched to bring the total contribution to $L67,428, which we donated to the Love Donna Flora cause earlier today.

Harvey and I would like to thank all the cast and crew of Basilique Performing Arts Company A – Harvey, Amethyst, Belice, Cloe and Juliet, who were more than happy to give their hard-earned tips from the enthusiastic crowd.

Performing in front of a crowd, and getting a good reaction, is always a pleasure, but when we can help out a fantastic cause in even a small way, it makes it that much more rewarding. So rewarding in fact, that we’ve decided to keep our eyes open for other fundraising events that we can lend a hand to. We’d love to hear about good causes that we could help.

Read more about Romeo + Juliet in Second life.


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