Romeo + Juliet Loves Donna Flora

Donna Flora Shot_blogedit

After being hopelessly outbid by all and sundry on Caoimhe Lionheart‘s auction for 3 hours of her time  that she is donating to Love Donna Flora (that I was going to use for styling advice), I shot down to the benefit sim to see what I could muster on my own steam. There are loads of gems down there and there are still a few days to not only pick up some great pieces, but also give to a worthwhile cause.

I picked up a few things today at the benefit sim, including this Vero Modero Wild Dress that I’m wearing above and below. As I was trying it on, surrounded by all of this selfless generosity, I got to thinking: what could I do to help beyond buying a few things here and there? After briefly chatting things over with Cao, it occurred to me that we could be doing something with Romeo + Juliet to help the cause.

So, to help cap off the end of Love Donna Flora this Sunday, August 11th, I’ll be donating all proceeds from this Sunday’s performance of Romeo + Juliet, and matching all tips received by all performers over that performance. I’ve spoken to the other performers, and the ones I’ve heard back from have agreed to also donate their tips.

So, come and watch us do our bit for Squinternet Larnia, this Sunday at noon SLT, August 11th at the Basilique Playhouse. Entry is free, but don’t forget to bring your purses and pockets, as we put a little extra Linden love into the greatest love story ever written. I hope you’ll join us!

Click here for everything you might ever want to know about our Second Life performance of Romeo + Juliet.

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