One Year Later – A Tribute from Versus

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Versus Magazine has done a beautiful special issue of their magazine as a tribute to Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora. It’s hard to believe it is already a year.

30 days ago….

Exactly at this hour you left me and all your friends…
I hope from the heaven you can watch us … your friends that think of you… I miss you, I miss our long funny chat, and our fight… because both are stubborn.. probably is why our friendship was so special and honest… nothing to hide, no fake only the truth.

❤ Hart

The Memorial Garden

At the Memorial for Squinternet

There is a memorial garden on the sim underneath the Donna Flora store. It will remain at least through the end of September for people to gather to remember Squinternet. All who loved her are welcome to organize their own gatherings of friends or to hold memorial services for her. The big tree in the foreground is a gift for anyone who wants to take it and plant it at their place in her memory.

You reach the garden by going to her main store on Florencio and taking the TP in the lobby down to the ground.

The build was graciously and beautifully done by Saiyge Lotus who even made a lovely semi-secret path through the woods behind the big alcoves of candles.

If you want to host a memorial and need something special like changing the music stream, contact Cajsa Lilliehook by IM.

In Memorium – A Gathering of Friends in Memory of Squinternet Larnia

I appreciate everyone’s kind offerings of help and the many people who reached out to help make a meaningful tribute to our lost friend, Squinternet Larnia. After many notecards, IMs, and personal conversations, I’ve followed my heart and many of your suggestions to a simple but elegant solution that I hope meets everyone’s needs and wants.

Saiyge Lotus gracious stepped up to offer to build us a beautiful memorial garden on the ground level at the homestead sim where the Donna Flora main store is currently located. She is in the process of building at this time.  She has also created a beautiful memorial tree, which will be available for everyone to take, in memory as a keepsake. We thank her for her generous donation of time, effort and love for this.

The garden will be open this weekend, for anyone who wishes to visit – go to the Donna Flora main store location and take the teleport to the ground level. At 9 AM SLT on Saturday, September 14th we will be holding a secular gathering of friends. All are welcome to come and share their memories of Squinternet with us.

Anyone who would also like to use this space for their own memorial, in Italian,  for a Mass, or whatever you would like, is welcome to do so through the month of September. We should all use the place to celebrate Squinternet’s time with us and remember her with love and respect.

The garden will be open for the rest of the month of September for anyone to visit and remember Squint.

Thank you so much, for all of your ideas and contributions. I appreciate all of you very much, as would Squinternet.


May eternal light shine upon her,


Lay Some Flowers


Photo by Zmilla Rehula

You can go to the American Cancer Society’s memorial for Squinternet Larnia, place a plaque in her remembrance or lay some flowers or light a candle. Her picture is in the Memorial Garden with the many other residents who have come to the end of their road through the cancer maze. Gidge and others are making some additional plans for a memorial on her sim and when that is firmed up, I am sure she will let you all know.