30 days ago….

Exactly at this hour you left me and all your friends…
I hope from the heaven you can watch us … your friends that think of you… I miss you, I miss our long funny chat, and our fight… because both are stubborn.. probably is why our friendship was so special and honest… nothing to hide, no fake only the truth.

❤ Hart

Who is Squinternet Larnia

This was a picture i took with Squinternet Larnia for one of ther funny dress, was september 2010.
I know Squinternet since end of 2009 when i moved my store to my actual location @ Cindel.
She went to demo my skins and start to buy many of them in pale tone. So i noticed that and i teleport inside the store to speak with her.
Was funny, she was so full of energy, ideas, and we spoke of sculpt, texturing, style and many other things.
Since that day i hosted some of her amazing jewelry in my store.
I helped her many times texturng her sculpty, or making custom scripts for her jewerly. Thanks to her i made my tools SmartTexture and SmartHUD that are very liked by many designers.
I consider Squinternet one of the best friends i’ve meet on SL.
And everyone know how is rare to find someone that is always honest even if their words could make you sad, but i prefer the truth .. always, because to a bad news… if is true you can have the strenght to fight… to a lie there is no solution.
When in end of 2011 she told me she had a problem, i felt destroyed, i try to find any solution to her case… try to push her to move to another location where hospitals are better.
I’m lucky she is so strong even if she never asked any help to friends.
All great person, smart, intelligent and creative, always are alone when problems comes, because great people usually help others, and never ask help.
So when Cajsa told me she want to organize a fundraiser to help her to move to a better place to follow new kind of cures in a great Hospital, i said: “tell me what i can do”.
I worked hard for 1 week with other people to move her store into a new fresh location, other people organized the event, create the blog and everything.
Is really great when people really care what power we could have all together.

Hart Larsson