A Time To Gather

When LOVE DONNA FLORA was conceived of by Cajsa, it was a two fold purpose. One part, to raise funds to help offset the enormous healthcare costs Squinternet was incurring, and the other part was to give her a gift that many of us never get – the opportunity to see what it is we do mean to other people. So often, people shower praise and love after a person dies, and we have to wonder – did they KNOW?

Squinternet knew. She read your posts on the days she was able to sit up and use her computer. She was strong enough one day to tour the event. She was amazed. It made the nights of pain and worry tolerable – because you filled her with joy and hope.  It was lead by Cajsa but it was created by all of you, this great swell of love and outpouring of support for one of our own.

When the news came yesterday, Cajsa immediately became swamped with questions about doing a memorial. and it quickly became clear that Cajsa needs to be allowed to grieve. She’s worked so very hard on all of this, to the detriment of her own health on some days, that I told her I would step in and handle putting something together.

That’s where you come in .

None of us own Squinternet’s memory or our love for her. I’ve solicited ideas for what people would like to do, in memory of Squinternet on plurk and have already received many good ideas. Not all of them will be do-able but they help guide me to something that will help us mourn together, and grieve together in a way best suited to us all.

At this time, I asking all of you to please either plurk me, or IM me in world, or just leave in comments here, what you would like to see us do to memorialize Squinternet.  What I will be planning will be something secular to celebrate and reflect upon her time with us, and our love for her.

I realize some people might feel a strong need to include a religious memorial. If someone wants to add that in to the plans I end up making – that’s just fine with me, it’s outside my sphere of influence however.  If you would like to hold your own celebration and memorial, or 100 of them, that’s fine too.

There is no wrong way to remember our friend Giulia.

This is how I’m proceeding. I value all of your input and ideas. We’ll plan a memorial event soon – so please let me know what your thoughts are, I am very interested.

❤ Gidge




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