Grazie Squint ♥


 Hi everyone!

Hello my dear Squint, do you remember this? 🙂

This was my national gown for Miss Virtual World on 2012, I represented Argentina.

In that occasion, I met Squinternet for the first time, even if I perfectly knew her for her fabulous and unique creations…

She realized this gown for me, and she called it FAITH.

 I think this name is perfectly appropriate for the moment we all are experiencing now.

Many and many people on sl now is praying for you Squint. We are fighting close to you, we are trying to give you our support and our love, yes because we all love you. You’re not alone hunnie, our thoughts are with you all days and all nights. We have FAITH, we are wishing on a miracle that save your life! All the love you have around, is there because you’re a special person, never forget it! Be strong Squint, and when you’re down, read all the words people wrote for you, all the images done for you… Smile my dear friend, please.

I love you so so much, you know this.

♥ from Giuls Scarpulla


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