Laura and Donna Flora

I first found out about the Donna Flora store from a hunt. I don’t remember what the hunt was, to be honest; I did lots of them back then. I do remember that the gift Squinternet had laid out was something red, Chika, but I ended up buying something else as well. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a girly girl and that I love pink. So how could I resist this?


Since then, I have found lots of lovely things from the store and on and off I’ve always gone back, both for the dresses and for the jewelry which I absolutely love!

Risk City

Times have come and gone and like any girl I love shopping so… many more dresses followed 😛

Alice Blue

Last year I heard about Squinty’s poor health participated in  Cajsa’s Donna Flora A to Z Project and that was a lot of fun and very special to me especially seeing how everyone had participated. The place itself was extremely moving; I only have one snap of it and it doesn’t give it justice.

donna flora FFL_001_cr

I have since been a (rather lazy) blogger for Donna Flora and have been showing items off and on as time permits:

My friend Melu is always a fan of the store and I had to take this for her birthday, in the Main Store location:

Happy Birthday Melu!

By then I had discovered Squinty is Italian, like me, and had had many occasions to talk to her. It was then that we were getting ready to present a Graduation Fashion Show at Look Elite, and I asked Squinty if she would participate and she said yes!

We presented a version of the Cotton Club, complete with music and band, and it was the most beautiful event ever; thanks to Melusina Parkin for the build (and photos) and Bety for directing the show and all the models too 🙂

Cotton Club set

Bety with Squinternet

So.. as you see Donna Flora has been always there in my fashion life and not only. I want to tell Squinty how special she is to all of us!




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