LDF Music Event Line Up

Love Donna Flora Music Event

Today all DJs and Hosts are confirmed for this noble cause, sadly I’d to leave out who come lately asking to collaborate. I’ll check it, maybe we’ll organize another Music Event the last day, August 11th.
All hours are PM Secondlife Time (SLT).

DJs and Hosts Line Up:

3 to 4: Dj Duncan Bradders – Hosts Irina Easterling and Chevia – Style Trance, Uplifting, Progressive House
4 to 5: Dj Gio Helstein (Nathan Heln) – Host Varela – Style Trance, Progressive
5 to 6: Djane Mess – Host Droxene – Style Trance
6 to 7: Djane Anniya – Host Raven – Style Trance
7 to 8: Dj Dom D – Hosts Kitten and Spunkz – Style House, Progressive
8 to 9: Djane Pixie – Host CecyNena – Style Trance, Progressive

Team is well balanced, all people I know already, and more important thing the Djanes presence, 3 against 3, and skilled ones! I’m the only who have 2 models as host but I know ladies will fight to keep the hour on fire!
More informations to come!
Stay tuned, love…

Duncan Bradders


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