So Many Reasons.

There are so many reasons to love Donna Flora, but creator Squinternet Larnia‘s tireless drive for perfection in artistry is a huge one. It’s not only the telling hallmark of a true artist (i.e., someone who creates for the pure joy of innovation, something that I personally find deeply inspiring), but this deep caring for your creations, this obsession with executing a vision, is the singlemost quality (well, aside from Squinternet‘s agile hand at truly exciting design) that renders each of her pieces into something exquisite, making her work easily stand out from so many other jewelry + fashion brands on the grid. — While all of Squinternet‘s work is exciting, I will also add that as a RL jewelry designer, I’ve long noticed Squinternet‘s fastidious attention to RL fine jewelry construction + detail — from the gleam of every sparkling facet to the most subtle glints of carefully-placed metal prongs — so very like the most meticulous fine jewelry production executable in RL. Here’s but a small sampling of some of my fave jewelry designs over the years; as always, Squinternet‘s pieces lend themselves to fresh color statements + highly versatile styling, from the baroque to the modern, in both gems (both faceted and cabachon) to metalwork (both simple + wrought textures). Take a look.

Sandy Emerald.
Donna Flora: Opera & Porzia
Brunette Bardot.
Perfect Pout
Contessa by Donna Flora
Pink Lady.

Squinternet — you have become a SL icon for not only the amazingly generous spirit that you are, but also for your impeccable standards as a creator and as an artist. You are inspiration to us all.

Much love always, your friend, blogger + personal admirer of many years,



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