LDF Group Now Open on Koinup


Among Second Life Residents, interest in and support for the Love Donna Flora projects is almost as high as interest in the new Prince of Cambridge who was born Monday morning RL.  Besides the main project, of which this blog is but one facet, other folk are offering their own contributions, sometimes collecting donations as well.  For instance, MIC-Imagin@rium is hosting an exhibition called Jewels’ Joy, a rotating slideshow of people wearing Donna Flora jewelry, which individual Residents can add a work to.

Residents have been photographing themselves and others in Squinternet Larnia’s creations for a long time, of course.  Flickr has a few groups that tap into the pool of photos for exhibition; but Koinup, the European VR photo service, didn’t have anything like that, at least according to my check yesterday morning.  Well, that has been solved.  Click through, and you will find a small, but growing group of photos featuring people wearing Donna Flora goodies.  You’re welcome to add your own, of course, be it couture or jewelry; all you need is to be a Koinup member, which is free and gives you 3GB of space to work with.  Come on and visit, and I hope you’ll add your own photos to the collection.


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