What if Squinternet were a blogger?

I am going to tell you a secret, not a super secret sort of secret, but more of an open secret known to those who would sometimes take a swim in Squinternet Larnia’s Flickr® photostream. I will show you, but you have to promise not to tell.


She took this fun and funny photo of her Clessida dress and called the pic, Clessida and Rats I love the details, the book on the floor, the rats looking at her and her perfect pose. This is a story in itself.

Gizza & pet

Here you can see her stylng skills with the glorious hair and the dramatic Gizza dress. I can see Grace Coddington styling this photo, can’t you?


I love how she dressed the set for her pictues and the touches that are so uniquely hers such as the romantic shoes with this modern dress and necklace with this very modern dress.


Or take this outfit and her clever use of a bird brush in photoshop to add an element of whimsy all her own.


Or here, where her humor comes out in the painting in the picture frame.


And you have to love this mix of modern and vintage in this Bliss Couture outfit she’s showing.


and look at the hat in this picture of an outfit from Vogue for Modavia Fashion Week.


and she would mix and match, too, like adding this Secret Store jacket to a long sleek gown. As you can see, she would have been a fun blogger, with witty pictures full of great detail – but one things she needs to work on. She forgot to include the style credits.

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