Some pics of Squin

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you all some photos of Squin. She once asked me if I could help her with some pictures of her using the poses of his friend’s.

That time she comes to my studio and I was honored! wowowo Donna Flora is here! Then we started working I was with my mouth open looking like she changed clothes, all of them were beautiful, and she created the styles with exquisite taste.

I know, the photos are not the best, but that’s the beauty of Squin that always gives an opportunity to friends. It was the time that I began my friendship with her.

Squin, ti ricordi queste foto?? scusa se non ricordo il negozio del tuo amico, appena qualcuno mi rinfresca la memoria aggiorno il post! continua a lottare sai che in tanti ti vogliamo tanto bene, bacioneee.

foto1 DonnaFlora

Foto 7 Donna Flora

Foto 2 Donna Flora

Foto 9 Donna Flora


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