A lovely woman


I know Squinternet from the very beginning of my SL. I’ve always admired her work as a stylist and I was one of her best fan!

One day I took the decision to became a blogger and she was one of the first person I’ve called for taking a part for my “sponsor” project.

From that day, I started to know how beautiful and amazing woman she is.


Donna Flora Rosina


We spent a lot of time together searching for RL jewerly inspiration, talking about our hobbies and going around stores with Alatiel, Elena and Alair 🙂

I was so happy when she accepted to be the sponsor for my jewerly set during the MVW 2011 competition. I remember that I sent her the picture of a BVLGARI necklace and I told her that I would love to have something like that for my national gown and… BAM, magic happens! After two hours, the Galatea necklace was on my neck, more beautiful than the real one! I was so speachless and happy!


Old memories


Then I passed trough a very hard period, my aunt passed away too early due to a cancer and Squinternet was there for me, sending me positive messages, talking about her experience with this kind of situations and giving me the strenght to be again the Angels that I thought I had lost. I know that maybe she won’t remember this, but that was really important for me!


Donna Flora - Ravesc



And now I’m here for giving her all the best wishes for a speed recovery, she’s one of the strongest woman I’ve ever met, and there’s no day that I don’t send a prayer to her. She’s always in my mind and I know she will be win again 🙂


Sei forte amica mia, lo so, tutti lo sanno. Mantieni sempre quello spirito intatto che ti rende davvero unica di fronte al mondo intero! Un grande abbraccio e un forte bacio! Ti voglio bene!




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