Monica Outlander for Donna Flora

Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora is one of the SecondLife creators I admire the most. I have known her for years. Our friendship is not the kind where you chat every day, but we talk often about our crafts, our taste, and our vision of being creators in SecondLife. As a person and an artist, I have the deepest admiration for the passion, honesty, and dedication Squinternet puts into her work. I admire the playfulness that exudes from her art, and the strong creative will that drives her. She is someone who does not compromise her vision, and someone that gives all of herself in her creations. That’s what makes a true artist, to me. This relentless dedication to her craft is something that shows in every piece of Donna Flora.

In the past few days, I have been immersed in Squinternet’s vendors, helping to move them to her new Donna Flora mainstore and Miamai satellite shop. I was moved, once again, by her fire. The pure determination to create. The breathing for beauty. If you sit in a room surrounded by her creations, you cannot ignore that force. From the simple elegance of a silky sheath, to the sophistication of a tailored suit; from frilly sleeves to flapper fringe – her style has such range that everyone can find something to suit their taste. Regardless of one’s personal style, one cannot deny the strength and liveliness of the bold, colorful soul that produced Donna Flora creations.

It conjures that spark of joy and life that ignites your mind when something inspires you.

I want to help my friend as much as I can. We both depend on SL for our living, and I can only imagine how worried I would be in her situation. There is always pressure for creators to release new items, because if you do not, traffic and sales dwindle. I also wanted to try and give her the opportunity to create and play, which she so loves about SecondLife and, for now, cannot enjoy. That’s how I came up with the idea of collaborating with her to design some new clothes for her brand.

When she feels ok, she stays in Skype and we chat about this and that. One night we went on a happy window shopping spree on the web to look for ideas. We brainstormed about shapes and colors, talking about every detail. I then made the mesh and showed it to her for approval. I then textured, rigged, made the materials, and very nervously showed her my screen so that she could see the sequins shimmering in the sunlight.
Why nervous?
Hey, she is Squinternet. She can be intimidating! ^^

Luckily for me, she approved it on sight, and decided to call it Noemi.
I made a small video to show you how pretty the sparkly sequin is in the sunlight. I am no video maker, so forgive the bumps and the sickly moving of the camera. It’s better than the Blair Witch Project anyway. ^^

You can see the video here: Donna Flora “Noemi”


The dress is now out at Donna Flora Mainstore.

100% of the sales go to Squinternet. I hope I did a good job in honouring her awesomesauce brand and creative genius and that you will run to buy it!
Thank you for being a bunch of sweet people hearing the call of one of us in need ♥

5 thoughts on “Monica Outlander for Donna Flora

  1. I saw the Donna flora store tucked in next to the hairs when I was at Miamai Friday but I was on my lunch hour for work and needed to get my blog with your Hair Fair designs up, so I had to run. But I will definitely go back. I love the item you created. Donna Flora (Squinternet) has made a major impact on so many of us in Second Life. I think I will buy several tomorrow. 😀

  2. I have long been a huge fan of the lovely Squinternet. She is amazingly talented and have worn her jewelry in shows I walked in the past. The detail and passion she brings into her work is amazing and is a top creator in my opinion. Many, I believe, have tried to copy her work and style but none compare. Even those that charge outrageous amounts and don’t put as much passion, detail and style into their designs. I wish you nothing but good thoughts and love from your family, friends and devoted customers. I will visit your store tomorrow when I get paid. Even though I’m not on as much, as rl is very busy, I always have room for more of your designs. LOL *reminder note, clean out inventory for more room for shopping* ; )

    A devoted fan and loyal customer

    Jen Tafler

  3. Will you please either post or email me the location of this dress. I could not find the dress in the shop or the marketplace. I have fallen in love with it and searched through blogs, a video, a store, and the marketplace to no avail! Pls. help.

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