Vintage Roses By Winter and Eve

Donna Flora – Wedding Cake dress and Irina jewellery.

I believe I’ve only spoken directly to Squinternet once or twice; but that was enough for her to leave a lasting impression on me of being very, very kind.

She mentioned something to me that I will always quietly treasure – and if you know me at all, you’d know I’m never quiet so this is a very big thing. Most of my interactions with her have been through my friend and boss Monica Outlander, who sent me to Donna Flora in January 2011. “Pick out six sets of jewellery for this wedding shoot,” she ordered. This was my first time at DF, and I had never seen anything like it. If SL stores had closing times then I would have been in serious trouble. I was stunned by the precious and wearable art upon the walls, and it honestly took me two hours to decide which half dozen demi-parures I liked the best.

I’ve returned many times – when Squinternet released a limited menswear collection a while ago, I was more or less camped out in her store. If I want to gift a lady friend with somethin’ sparkly then Donna Flora is usually my first stop, and always my last. Whenever the cry gets raised on plurk of “But WHERE can I find a flapper outfit for this party?” then I throw the landmark at them before the wail has stopped echoing.

All the brilliance and innovation of her niche owning work aside, Squinternet has cemented a place in our hearts due to her sweetness, her care and attention and above all her fighting spirit. I’d like to wish you a complete recovery, dear lady – and strength from my heart to yours.

Love, Winter Jefferson

Donna Flora – Lia hair, Gold Spring dress, Anastacia necklace and earrings, Samara Bow watch

I have always loved Squinternet Larnia’s attention to detail. Her vintage inspired clothing and jewelry have always made it hard for me to not buy all the things!

When faced with different events and projects in SL, her pieces have been integrated into various looks…it’s interesting to me that I didn’t really notice how much I relied on her work due to its versatility until I was asked to post along with Winter and really give some thought about how many pieces I own and all of the times I have used them.

From Hogwarts Student to Elven Queen, Daily Business Attire while running MADesign to the rich and wacky Capitol Couture of The Hunger Games, to something as simple and wonderful as a vintage look for an evening of poetry at The Library, Donna Flora has provided beautiful solutions for every situation.

Dear Squinternet – there are times when eloquence fails me, and I can only be succinct in my truths.

I care.

I am here.

I am hopeful.

I am thinking of you.

Love, Eve Petlyakov.


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