Love Donna Flora

I haven’t been in world much lately, but when I heard about the Love Donna Flora event I asked Gidge if I could submit a blog post. It’s not much of a contribution but it’s the least I could do.

On July 25th – August 24th the Love Donna Flora event will take place to help raise funds to pay for the alternative therapies and home nursing that she needs to keep fighting cancer. I first found out that Squinternet was suffering from cancer when the Donna Flora A – Z project happened a year ago. Some of the same people behind this new event got people together to send well wishes and messages of love to Squin. I thought that was incredible. Which is why I wanted to write a post today, because I know that Squin appreciated those messages, that comfort from her community so much, and I understand that sometimes love just isn’t enough.

So today I gave myself permission to go shopping, went to Donna Flora and bought a couple of things (more than I can actually wear at once if I’m honest, whoops!) to help support Squin, and when the event opens I’ll be there too. Why? Well, I’ve been working with Squin for about two years on events and she is always polite, kind hearted and graceful. She put up with my erratic greetings (like “Helloooooooooooooo, can I harrass you?”) with a smile and always seemed genuinely pleased (and somewhat surprised) to be asked / begged to join an event.

When I was working on Vintage Fair 2 I had just found out about Squin’s cancer, and I didn’t know what to do. I had a short list of people who I really wanted to ask to sponsor the event, brands who screamed vintage, and Donna Flora was the top of that list. When people think vintage in SL, they think of Squin (they just might not know it yet! ;]).. but I didn’t want to burden her with the heavy workload of  a sponsor space. In the end I saved her one of the second biggest stores, I think there was about 12 of them in total and people were begging for them. I told so many people they’d be put on the waiting list, and they couldn’t understand why there was one not confirmed that I wouldn’t give to them. It was for Squin.

It took some time to catch Squin online and let her know I wished her well and if she felt up to the event I’d be delighted to have her as usual, and that I would save her a space no matter what, and I did. Because Donna Flora is the epitome of vintage but more importantly because Squinternet Larnia is the epitome of class. She’s style, and finesse. She is professional, but always friendly with it, and she loves what she creates and the community love what she creates. Sculpts, prims, mesh, whatever form she uses she nails it… and when she arrived at Vintage Fair it was a huge sigh of relief at my end and a coo of delight from the customers.

In this post I wrote about myself a lot, but I think that it was necessary to convey how I feel about Squin… maybe it’ll make her smile to know how much I wanted her to be at Vintage Fair… and if she hadn’t have made it I probably would have left that store empty because Vintage Fair would have been a lot less fabulous without a little bling from Donna Flora… maybe it’ll make her happy to know that I appreciate her, not just her beautiful intricate incredible jewelery and clothing… maybe it’ll make her smile to know that this post is to say thank you for being so wonderful, patient and creative… maybe it’ll make her laugh to know that I have accidentally tried to IM “Donna Flora” sooo many times by accident, either way, Squin – you are amazing. Thank you for everything ♥

– Keira Seerose

Psst… Guess what? You can get my ring, watch and earrings from Donna Flora! How? It’s marvellously simple. Go here and buy “Camelia ring“, “Gloria watch” and “IRIDE white earrings“. Whilst your there check out all the other amazing little gems (pun intended!) and if you aren’t Squinternet and you are reading this, maybe you’ll be intrigued by how awesome she is and you’ll head down to the Love Donna Flora event on the 25th. I’ll see you there ♥


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