Dearest Squinternet…

I started Second Life many moons ago, never thinking that this game would matter to me. It was simply at the constant nagging of a then boyfriend who worked at a financial magazine that had recently run an article on Second Life. I rarely spent time on the PC at home, only at work and had no interest in the internet at all, aside from possibly shopping during my off hours. Nearly seven years later and here I am sucked in due to one of my great loves – fashion. During these seven years, a lot of wonderful and some tragic things have happened. Some of the most important amongst many, many things are;  I have found love that turned into the love my life, I have lost cherished  friends,  I have been guilty of big mistakes, grown up quite a bit  and I have met friends that I will carry with me for the rest of my days.  I also have had the honor and privilege of seeing some of the most brave and unbelievably strong souls at work.  Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora falls into that last category.  When we first met, she had no idea that I had been collecting her pieces for years. I would always pay attention to new releases and tp right over to check them out. They were so intricate! I could not get over how much each little piece was so detailed, so exquisite! When we first spoke, Squinternet was a lovely jewel of a person, excuse my pun but I could not resist. Sometimes during long chats she would go quiet for a long time and I figured that she was busy with work or something in her physical life. Later on she told me about her very brave fight with cancer and how she would often fall asleep due to the strong medications. Yet, she never complained and would come right back to the conversation as if no time had passed and kept right on chatting. She told me about how she loved to design but that physically her body wasn’t always so merciful with the long hours and close detailed work her lovely pieces called for. Yet, she was there…day after day, doing what she loved to do, always with time to chat, say hello and always upbeat. One day we were discussing birthdays and I was bellyaching because I had a big one coming up with a 0 at the end and she sent me a picture of herself and she was just so lovely and serene looking with a gorgeous smile. She told me that every day is happy for her, even through the pain and you know…in looking at her picture she was not just acting brave…she was radiating it. This is my “love” letter to her, thank you for the beauty you bring not just to Second Life in the form of your beautiful work but also to the lives of those of us who are blessed enough to know you. You  will be in my every prayer, beautiful lady.


Sophia Harlow



5 thoughts on “Dearest Squinternet…

  1. Wow that really touched my heart right to the core. They are so many beautiful people in this world whose beauty radiates to us. They show us the true meaning of life as they battle on and always with a smile. We have so much yet to learn from those always ready to give even when they themselves are battling through.

  2. Thank you all so much for taking the time to not only read this but to also leave some kind comments. More than that, thank you for the wonderful wishes for our sweet Squinternet.

    Sophia Harlow

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