My First Donna Flora

Donna Flora A-Z: Joy

Three years ago my friend Gogo blogged an incredibly beautiful necklace and earring set. It was a set with carnations and little strawberries with gold and jewel accents. I was in love with this set but at the same time I was intimidated by its beauty. I didn’t think I had what it took to style and display this set of jewelry in the way the creator intended. Gogo pushed aside my concerns and encouraged me to give it a try. “Its only jewelry,” she said, “You can do it.” Later when I logged in there it was the Gabriella Set waiting for me in my inventory. I overcame my fears and I did the best I could to show off the set in its proper beauty.

Since that day I’ve come to own several pieces from Donna Flora and all of them have been special. Special, like those real life earrings or pearls you pull out for special occasions only. You wear them for the special memorable times in your life. They become part of the memories.

Thank you Squinternet for giving us beautiful creations that have become a part of our memories.


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