The Place To Shop: Donna Flora

Donna Flora_004 I grew up in a small town, complete with a huge courthouse square around which all of the town’s activity took place. If you didn’t drive to the city to buy clothes, and you were from a “nice” family, you shopped at Newkirk’s.
Newkirk’s had a men’s section, a children’s section and a ladies section, each was it’s own store with it’s own entrance but were joined by very discreet doorways in between.  The front of the ladies section was labeled Club Wear. That means country club, not da club. Slacks, polos, cardigans, cricket skirts and sensible but fashionable shoes. The center was intimates, “foundation garments” and sleepwear. But the back, the back was what I thought was magical.

Soft, plush chairs for those waiting, tri-fold, fingerprint free mirrors and crystal chandeliers adorned the evening wear section. I had to sit quietly, while my mother tried on item after item. The sales lady would bring her boxes of jewelry to try on with the dresses. They sold hose and gloves – in boxes, not little plastic bags. It was elegance, and it was grace, in a small shop in central Indiana.

The first time I walked into Donna Flora in SL, I felt that same spirit. A sense of style and class, that it was hard to define yet I knew it when I saw it. The shop has always been a staple food in my diet of SL consumerism. But more than that, people who know me, always have known I love Donna Flora.

Not like some unattainable beauty – but that, this is where I shop. My husband hasn’t been in SL in probably two years, but when he was here and we were buying me new jewelry, he knew to take me to Donna Flora.

If I were only allowed to ever shop in one place in Second Life, it would be hard NOT to choose Donna Flora.

Thank you for bringing grace, and elegance to our Second Lives Squinternet. We owe you a debt of gratitude for all this beauty that we will be hard pressed to ever repay you.






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