Style Is Eternal

‘Fashions fade but style is eternal.’ – this Yves Saint Laurent quote might be heavily over-used yet it best describes what I felt when I first saw the beautiful creations by Squinternet Larnia.

Like most people in Second Life I spent quite a while trying to find my style moving from Neko to combat with some latex episodes that shall remain unmentioned. It was more by accident that I discovered vintage fashion, which is my passion in real life. Stores like 1-800-Bettie’s, artilleri and JetDoll left me both in awe and broke by the end of pay day. The designs of the talented ladies behind those names deserved some proper accessories and a quick search for ‘vintage jewelry’ took me to a store called Donna Flora.

Do you remember when you were a little girl and secretly opened your mother or grandmother’s jewelry cases? When your fingers ran over the metal, carefully touched the shiny gems? When you tried on necklaces and rings and felt like a princess? That was my feeling when I stood in the Donna Flora store and saw the vendors with all the shiny things.

Back then it was sculpties. The craftsmanship was excellent and the design flawless. Then Squinternet moved on to mesh and again she excelled. And even though my personal style became more contemporary, her jewelry was among the favorite things in my inventory.

It was last year in September when my friend Sophia Harlow asked me if I was interested in blogging for Donna Flora. I must admit I felt terribly honored when I received the invitation to the group. And I was excited about my first personal contact with Squinternet who turned out to be an incredibly sweet and warm-hearted person with an enormous presence even in an impersonal medium like an IM.

Thanks for everything you do and everything you are, Miss Larnia. But most of all for adding class and style to Second Life.


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