Love Donna Flora’s Purpose

In late 2011, Squinternet Larnia of Donna Flora, thought she was suffering from repetitive stress injury. She looked at ergonomic options and cut back on her creating to let her arms heal. It was not until December that she learned that aching in her bones was not from working on the computer but from breast cancer that had metastisized to her bones. The outlook was grim. In the spring, members of the Second Life community came together and did a blogging project called Donna Flora A to Z to lift her spirits and let her know how much she was loved and appreciated before she was gone from us.

But she surprised us all, rallying and getting stronger. She pursued alternative therapies that gave her more energy and more strength. They did not cure the cancer, but for a time they managed it. She has outlasted her doctor’s predictions by more than a year. She’s one tough cookie. However, the cancer has been gathering its strength, too, and is back with a vengeance. It’s been a few months, now, since she was able to create the lovely gowns and jewelry she loves so much. While Italy has national health insurance, Squinternet needs the comfort of home nursing and the hope of further alternative treatment to keep up the struggle and continue to beat the odds. Did I mention, she’s one tough cookie?

So, the SL community is coming together to help one of its own. Love Donna Flora is a fundraising event geared to help raise fund to defray Squinternet’s expenses. All funds raised with go directly to her. I hope you will attend the event. If you are able to support the event in advance by putting out a donation jar or volunteering, there will be applications posted soon on the links up above. You can also show your support by adding your comments and stories to the Messages For Squinternet page. People find many ways to live with cancer, but I think the strongest weapon in living with cancer is love.


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