The Event Begins

I love Second Life. Where else could you say wouldn’t it be great if we had an event to raise money for someone’s medical expenses and have a rush of volunteers and ideas in less than thirty minutes? It’s a testament to the human spirit that people are so quick to volunteer their time and their energy.

Status Report

These are things/roles we have in hand or assigned to someone:

  • Vendor display – Milan Mode
  • Donation split script – Gospel Voom
  • Blogger Manager – Katya Valeska
  • Logo – OMGWTF Barbecue
  • Venue – Full Sim – Chablis Kinsella
  • Timeline – Event will run from July 25th to August 24th
  • Sim Decoration – Felicity Blumenthal

If you have ideas, let us know. This is a community event and will be as good as you all make it.

Your ideas and energy is welcome, you can IM Cajsa Lilliehook in-world or email me or add a comment below.


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